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2016-09-30   Digital Management Makes High Quality
2016-09-30   Installation and Operation of 6-station HMC
2016-09-30   12-section CIS Running in Putian
2016-08-30   General Managers Meeting of Q3 2016
2016-08-30   Sanjin & BEG Project Communication Meeting
2016-07-23   First half year safety and environmental protection work conference
2016-07-23   Zhuang Ming Research in Shandong Sanjin Company
2016-06-22   To hold one grand meeting to promote new development and create new achievement
2016-05-27   To improve our corporation through learning rules of the party and chairman Xi’s speech
2016-05-27   New technology, new improvement
2016-04-19   The clearer production was approved
2016-04-19   Glass industry technical seminar was successfully completed.
2016-04-19   Picture News
2016-03-21   Cong Xigang, Minister of Municipal Committee, United Front Work Department, Visied Sanjin
2016-03-21   Scientific Plan for Performance Evaluation
2016-03-21   The trial operation of CIS 5” 12 section DG bottle making machine succeeded
2016-03-03   Active in Writings
2016-03-03   Heart Warming Activity
2016-03-03   Sales Training to Improve Marketing Ability
2016-02-25   Sanjin Annual Meeting & New Year Ceremony 2015
2016-02-25   Strengthen security responsibility and improve accident prevention
2015-11-23   New Control Cabinet Inspection Machine Started Production
2015-11-23   Two New Products Passed Technical Appraisal
2015-09-28   Vice Mayor Li Shumin Visited Sanjin
2015-09-28   Bucher BoD Reviewing Meeting in Sanjin
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