- Employee Welfare


I. Monthly salary
 Monthly salary = Post salary + Performance-related salary
II. Social insurance
 Include five items of insurance and housing provident fund.
    1. Endowment insurance:19% by company, 8% by employee.
2. Unemployment insurance:2% by company, 1% by employee.
3. Medical insurance:7% by company, 2% by employee.
4. Work injury insurance:1.2% by company.
5. Maternity insurance: 0.7% by company.
6. Endowment allowance:1.5% by company.
7. Housing provident fund: 8% by company, 8% by employee.
III. Labor protection
 1. Organize physical examination every year.
 2. Give allowance to employee at special post. Additionally, with application and permission, they can retire five years earlier.
 3. Distribute labor protection things.
 4. Company has our own medical treatment office.
IV. Employee benefit
 1. Charity fund to help the employee in need.
 2. Have bus to pick up employees; To those who don’t take the bus, can get the traffic allowance.
 3. Employees can have supper for free in our own canteen.
V. Education and training
 1. Invite consulting corporation to do the training for middle and top  
 2. Allocate multi-media system for training.
 3. Encourage employees for further education.
 4. Colleges and companies cooperate for technician training.
 5. Organize skills competition.
VI. Entertainment
 1. Organize entertainment activities, such as sports meeting and performance.
 2. Establish library for employees.
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