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Bottle camera inspection machine
Product introduction

INSPECT C bottle body photography inspection machine is a machine to detect the defects of bottle glass bottle on line. It mainly examines the stones, bubbles, silk, oil pollution, cracks, sags, rumors, folds and characters at the bottle.


Technical parameters:

Speed of machine

Test bottle type

Round bottle mainly, other bottle type provide sample test

Bottle height


Bottle diameter


Bottle color

White; green; brown.

air pressure


Suitable for transmission line height


Detection function

Opaque defect and stress

Bottle spacing





Standard Test:

Check up and down of the bottle (12 cameras)

Stress test of bottle body (6 cameras)


说明: 22


• automatic speed regulation of the bottle dividing device and self testing of the bottle.

High clear picture, high pixel.

Intelligent operation interface, touch screen operation.

The debugging operation is simple and the steps are few.

• identification of embossing, low leakage rate.

• defect recognition, and fewer false kicks.

• serious defect alarm.

• smart key functions to prevent misoperation

Physical specifications:

- power demand

AC220V single-phase power supply 50HZ 2.5KW

• gas demand

Minimum pressure of pressure: 3.5 bar (%) PSI)

Maximum pressure: 7 bar (100 PSI)

Maximum consumption: 0.8- 0.85 m3/min [20 to 30 cfm]

Temperature specification

Maximum value (no air conditioning):40 C [104 F]

Maximum value (air conditioning cooling):50 C [122 degree F]

Minimum value: 1 C [34 F]

Relative humidity: 95% (non condensing)

• speed of machine

Highest: 300 per minute

Note: the machine speed can be changed by the size and shape of the container.

• equipment size

说明: C:UsersYAYKDesktopC测试照片俯视.jpg说明: C:UsersYAYKDesktopC测试照片侧视.jpg说明: C:UsersYAYKDesktopC测试照片正面.jpg

(the adjustable range of the transmission line 700mm - 1200 mm)

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