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Rotary servo inspecting machine
Product introduction

The INSPECT M inspection machine is a multi station (12 station /24 workstation convenient conversion), servo control, rotary type, online bottle detection system.


Range of utensils


Bottle diameter

The diameter of the bottle mouth

12 station star wheel

50 to 350mm

66 to 118mm

11 to 118mm

24 station star wheel 

50 to 350mm

35 to 64mm    

11 to 64mm

Machine speed: 60~240 bottles per minute (depending on the characteristics of the container).


Standard Test:

Air tightness test of bottle mouth, differential pressure measurement

Vase height detection, independent sensor

Measurement of inside and outside diameter of bottle mouth, range 10~95MM

Crack detection (12 pairs of probes, bottle mouth, shoulder shoulder, bottle bottom)

Point code recognition of root point

5 inspection stations, 2 fixed inspection stations and 3 rotating inspection stations (up to 5).


Optional detection:

Wall thickness detection device

Ellipse detection device (non - contact point)

(bottle mouth, bottle bottom photographic detection device (bottle bottom belt stress)

说明: 11


Servo drive: helix, disk, airtight, inside and outside diameter.

• the world's first import crack detection system

- export of double helix and double belt for high bottle

• dense head, high durable precision

• more than 98% of the recognition rate of the mould number

• waveform debugging, intuitionistic and convenient adjustment

Perfect statistical data function, high-end user standard.

• 17 "industrial touch display

• intelligent key interface unlocking function

Line control function (bottle, bottle and bottle).

• dual speed control function

• intelligent detection of machine running status

• marking 12 pairs of crack probes

• statistical data backup function

Accurate container control:

The bottles are fed into the servo indexing wheel through a screw at a certain distance to ensure that the transmission is correct. After inspection, when the container exits the detection equipment, the bottle that meets the standard will be sent back to the production line, and the defective bottle will be removed.

Physical specifications:

- power demand

Machine: AC380 V 3 phase power supply 50Hz 6KW;

Air conditioning: AC220V single-phase power 50Hz 2.5KW

• gas demand

Minimum pressure of pressure: 3.5 bar (%) PSI)

Maximum pressure: 7 bar (100 PSI)

Maximum consumption: 0.8- 0.85 m3/min [20 to 30 cfm]

Temperature specification

Maximum value (no air conditioning):40 C [104 F]

Maximum value (air conditioning cooling):50 C [122 degree F]

Minimum value: 1 C [34 F]

Relative humidity: 95% (non condensing)

• speed of machine

Highest: 240 per minute

Minimum: 60 per minute

Note: the machine speed can be changed by the size, shape, setting of the star wheel and the inner diameter of the bottle mouth.

• equipment size

说明: 106469935547713637 说明: 385043597334290129 说明: 78186202423878602

(the adjustable range of the transmission line 800mm - 1150 mm) 

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